Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my online order not calculate shipping costs?

Since each order is unique, the shipping costs associated with it are as well. Therefor, we DO NOT offer free shipping. All our carriers go by dimensional weight, where your cost is dependant on size and weight of the box it ships in. We do our best to select the most affordable option for each order and once calculated, it is added to your invoice and final payment is charged to your card. Thank you for understanding and please call if you have any questions prior to placing your order.

Can I get my order overnight?

Yes, most of the time. The cost is usually very expensive (sometimes double to triple the cost of your order), but we will strive to accommodate our customers. However, we are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control, i.e bad weather conditions, shipping problems or shipping delays.

Are your globe lenses glass or plastic?

Most of our globe lenses are glass. However, we do offer Special Edition Globes, in both 13.5” and 15”, which use polymer lenses that we manufacture in-house. Our Special Edition Globes must be purchased as an entire assembly because they are made specially to fit our bodies; we cannot guarantee that they will work with another.

Do you carry "used" parts?

No, we carry reproduction, non-working pump parts only.

Do the parts you sell come from overseas?

We make the majority of our parts right here at our facility. We do outsource some parts to either local businesses or foundries in the United States.

Is there any assembly required if I order a gas pump or air meter?

Air meters and electric gas pumps are shipped completely assembled, with the exception of the globe being placed on the top of the pump. When receiving a visible pump, the only assembly required is placing the hose, dome top and globe on your pump, otherwise this too comes assembled.

Are the pumps meant to be placed outdoors?

We recommend that you place your pumps and air meters indoors. However, if placing them outdoors, please keep in mind, that although they are powder coated for durability, if they are placed outdoors they are susceptible to environmental damage.

Do you offer warranties on your parts?

We do offer high quality parts, however, we do not offer any type of warranties.


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